Russell Taylor has been labeled as a “sanger” not to be confused with an ordinary singer. Simply put, when he sings he feels it from the deepest, most soul-saturated part of his being. So does anyone who is treated to the Rt! experience. It’s really real. He isn’t singing for social media likes or trappings. He has a true passion for the craft. His loyal fan base, loving dubbed #Souljers, will gladly second this emotion. 

Growing up amidst the rich musical legacy of Philadelphia, Russell absorbed the sounds and style of the artists that came before him as well as his contemporaries. From Gamble and Huff to Jill Scott, Russell has been inspired by the authentic musicianship of fellow Philly artists. 

Fresh off the heels of the critically acclaimed War of Hearts, Russell has released his 4th studio album entitled Tin Man The Blue; one of a trilogy of primary colors in late 2017. War of Hearts captured the attention and hearts of music lovers, leading to sold out shows at the Apollo and Blues Alley, a video for NPR’s Tiny Desk and multiple media appearances in major cities across the U.S., not including the enormous amount of attention he has received from the VH1 franchise. After being voted one of the network’s You Oughta Know Artists in its first ever crowd sourcing contest, Russell’s music stayed in heavy rotation on the network. He was also featured on VH1’s The Morning Buzz Live and the 60 second mini-performance segment Stop/Watch. Music fans may have also heard War of Hearts on television shows like The Fosters, Degrassi the Next Generation, Atlanta Exes and Black Ink Crew. Russell says, “I live a life of gratitude. I am grateful for this God-given ability and that I have been so well-received for so long. I am grateful for all that we have achieved with War of Hearts and to all of the people – my team, my friends, my followers – who continue to support me on this journey. And it is a journey. It’s a marathon not a sprint!” 

The lead single from the new album is Thrill, which without a doubt foreshadows the tone and tenor of the album – a cerebral yet soulful thrill ride that will weave in and out of genres, mixing, matching and defying categorization.  It will be an atypical delight for the music enthusiast! Russell will perform Thrill for the first time at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, which will also be his first appearance at the famed convocation.  “These past few years have truly been magical. I have experienced exponential growth as an artist. This is what I want -- to keep stretching, pulling and pushing past personal boundaries. We hope to build on the momentum and climb to higher heights with the release of Tin Man. You will hear a bit of everything from upbeat dance tracks to social justice commentary. I write all of my songs so each and every track is a personal testament and personal promise to present high caliber music from thoughtful lyrics to well-crafted production to vocal delivery.” Listeners can expect collaborations with good friends Lalah Hathaway and more. 

Russell Taylor is the next generation of great tune makers.
— Huffington Post
As an emerging artist with diverse music influences and incredible talent, Russell Taylor is the embodiment of what the “You Oughta Know” franchise is all about.
— VH1
Russell Taylor has long been considered a best-kept secret of NYC’s indie music scene.
— Ebony Magazine

War Of Hearts-City Winery DC

ATLANTA—an impromptu performance of Proud w/ my homies Brandon & Tika.



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